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About Password Ninja

What is Password Ninja?

Password Ninja is a free to use random password generator. It is great for kids and young adults as there are friendly word lists that can be chosen to make memorable passwords.

Password Ninja can also be used as a tool for administrators that work in school environments to generate child friendly passwords, making your life a little easier. With the vast number of words in the multiple word lists, you will find it hard to run out of passwords meaning that you will never have to worry about passwords again!

Why was Password Ninja made?

Password Ninja was made as a hobby project to make generating passwords easy for my job working in a school. Due to password requirements, and children working from home due to Covid-19, I need a way to make passwords that kids could remember but were also secure enough to meet the requirements of AD.

This is where Password Ninja came in.

Originally, Password Ninja was just a basic Python3 script that spit out passwords that were then copied. It soon became apparent that my colleagues also needed to make passwords for students, so I decided to make a basic web version to allow others to make passwords. You can see how beautiful the original page was below.

Picture of old website design
Picture of old website design

Who made Password Ninja?

Password Ninja was made as a hobby project by Stephen (the person writing this). I am an IT enthusiast with some programming experience in Python and C#. I had to learn JavaScript for this project, which was not as bad as I thought, although if someone experienced looked at the code they would probably not be very happy with me...
Hopefully this is a useful website and people enjoy

- Stephen

You can now find us on Google!